About the Collective

Pan-Canadian Collaboration

The Canadian Parks Collective for Innovation and Leadership (CPCIL) is funded by the Canadian Parks Council and delivered in partnership with Mount Royal University’s Institute for Environmental Sustainability, in collaboration with Royal Roads University, the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University, and Université de Moncton.

The Leadership Feather

The Canadian Parks Collective for Innovation and Leadership (CPCIL) chose a feather for the logo to represent four elements of effective and equitable park leadership.

Working with Park Agencies

For over ten years, the Canadian Parks Council (CPC) supported over 200 park leaders through the Parks System Leadership Course. In 2017, the CPC invited proposals from academic institutions across Canada to create a nationally-relevant, accessible, modern, and research-based approach to supporting parks and protected areas professionals. Building on the legacy of the previous CPC Parks System Leadership Course, the desire was also to coordinate mentorships and facilitate access to technical training, foster communities of practice, and connect research and practice.

Funding Partner

The Canadian Parks Council (CPC) is a collaboration of all federal, provincial, and territorial park agencies across Canada. Their mission is collaboration to engage people with nature and to continuously improve the effective management and stewardship of Canada’s parks and protected areas

In 2019, Parks Canada funded the establishment of a pan-Canadian parks and protected areas research network coordinated by CPCIL. This collaboration demonstrates our shared desire to foster sustainability in conservation and parks by identifying and connecting parks and protected areas decision-makers and practitioners, researchers, and Indigenous knowledge-holders. The work also supports the mandate of Parks Canada Agency and the target result that Canada’s natural heritage is protected for future generations.

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Working with Academics

Mount Royal University, with partners Royal Roads University and York University’s Faculty of Environmental Studies, bring expertise in environmental sustainability, leadership, teaching, parks practice, interdisciplinary research and scholarship to the Canadian Parks Collective for Innovation and Leadership (CPCIL).

We are always interested in collaborating with additional academic institutions.

Host University

The mission of Mount Royal University’s Institute for Environmental Sustainability (IES) is to improve environmental health and sustainability through scholarship by collaborating with government, industry, academic, non-profit, and Indigenous partners. Our commitment to effective park management and conservation includes the facilitation of an interdisciplinary Parks and Protected Areas Research Group (PPARG) to connect academics and practitioners on park-related sustainability and research initiatives.

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Working with Community

In an effort to promote and celebrate ethical space, CPCIL invites meaningful ideas, participation, and co-facilitation from Indigenous, local, community, industry, and other groups.

Community Collaborators

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