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Making Canada’s Parks and Protected Areas the Most Inclusive in the World

In November 2019, federal, provincial, and territorial park leaders met as part of the CPCIL Parks Leaders Development program to discuss the barriers and opportunities for stronger accessibility and inclusion in parks.  It was clear that each jurisdiction values accessibility and inclusion in both internal and outward-facing processes. It was also clear that each jurisdiction faces unique and complex challenges. Participants identified the need for stronger collaboration and commitment across all levels of parks organizations. 

There was consensus that formalizing a common position or approach on accessibility and inclusion would be of value to the CPC and its member organizations. It would be an important step towards recognizing that all human beings, regardless of their backgrounds and abilities, benefit from healthy parks and natural places and the quality of life they provide.

Proposed Position Statement:
Equitable access to outdoor and cultural activities as well as wilderness areas is intrinsic to relevant and sustainable protected natural and cultural areas across Canada. We recommend that park agencies work together and with partners to remove barriers to these spaces so that all Canadians, regardless of social, economic, mental, physical or spiritual differences, feel included. Protected natural and cultural areas facilitate access to personal experiences through exploration for everyone.
~ 2019 Leadership Team Proposed Position Statement

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