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Canada’s network of protected areas provides a natural solution for climate change by conserving biodiversity, protecting ecosystem services, connecting landscapes, capturing and storing carbon, building knowledge and understanding and inspiring people.
~ Parks Canada

In 2018 the Canadian Parks Council Climate Adaptation Working Group completed their mandate to foster collaboration among parks and protected areas agencies in the face of climate change. The outputs of this working group are hosted by CPPCL on this page.

In addition, a variety of Leadership Program Alumni and Capstone Projects demonstrated wide-ranging interest in an ongoing community of practice to share resources and collaborate on topics related to climate change adaptation in parks and protected areas. There are also continued initiatives to provide evidence-based links between area-based conservation and climate change, such as the Canadian Centre for Climate Services (CCCS) and and the Resist-Adapt-Direct framework first created by the United States National Parks Service.

CPPCL sees value in exploring the role of parks and protected areas to contribute to broader climate adaptation movement, both as sites to model low carbon approaches to operations and as sites of refuge for people impacted by climate change.

The following key resources have been curated to highlight important ideas related to this resource page topic.

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Links for climate change within federal, provincial, or territorial parks and protected areas agencies.

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CPPCL is grateful for a community of colleagues working in and helping build our understanding in this area of parks and protected areas leadership.

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