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About the Project

How might we standardize information and signage about trail and facility accessibility across jurisdictions and programs so that people with disabilities know what to expect on their experiences, regardless of jurisdiction?

This project would build on the work of the 2019 CPCIL Park Leadership capstone projects, as well as the new Inclusion and Accessibility Community of Practice. We think the first step would be to compile as many approaches to signage/messaging as possible, then to create a common set of messages/terms/icons and metrics to share openly with all agencies. We would be open to presenting an existing standard if one were available, in which case we would move to educating park agencies about the value of standardized accessibility messaging.

If funds can be secured for this work, we think it could be an excellent student project or a small contract.

In the spirit of “nothing about us without us,” we believe this project needs community partners as well as Park Leaders.

If you or your organization are interested in collaborating on this project please complete the following form. Please note that submitting this form is not a commitment, it is an expression of interest. After sending, you will be contacted by the project lead to get more details about your possible commitment, and to answer your questions .

Lead Organization

Canadian Parks Collective for Innovation and Leadership

Estimated Timeline

One Year

Estimated Budget



Remaining Amount