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Every parks and protected areas organization is part of a larger system with the shared purposes of conserving biological diversity, (re)connecting people with nature, and effectively managing wildlife, places, culture, and experiences.

The Canadian Parks, Protected, and Conserved Areas Leadership Collective (CPPCL) was designed to build capacity through collaboration, informed by decades of collaborative innovation among the members of the Canadian Parks Council (CPC), calls for ongoing communities of practice from alumni of the CPC Park Systems Leadership Programs, and the vision of a connected continuum of parks described in the Parks For All Action Plan.

The collaboration tools CPPCL currently provides, described on this page, are intentionally flexible and evolving. We also invite wild ideas to work together and encourage you to contact us with yours.

Leadership Stories & Blog

Our blog posts are primarily created by our team of youth Research and Knowledge Gatherers (KGs).

Through writing stories, producing content and compiling resources, KGs support effective and equitable leadership and inclusion in parks and protected areas across Canada. Content is sometimes written in collaboration with leaders enrolled in CPPCL’s leadership development program.

If you’re interested in writing a blog, either in collaboration with a KG, or on your own, please contact us

Events Postings

In addition to events hosted by CPCCL, our event calendar shares a variety of events happening across Canada. 

All events shared are geared towards providing leaders with new perspectives, skills and knowledge surrounding challenges and barriers in parks, protected and conserved areas… while some are simply food for thought (and action!).

The CPPCL platform supports the sharing events. When you register and log in, your CPPCL dashboard is the place to post events, or you can click here

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Jobs & Other Opportunity Postings

The CPPCL platform supports the sharing of opportunities such as jobs, grants and volunteer opportunities.

When you register and log in, your CPPCL dashboard is the place to post jobs and other opportunities.

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Member Profiles

You can search profiles of registered users of and connect by agency, location, areas of expertise, or for the kind of issues they would like to discuss.  You can message directly with individuals and create a network of friends — and you can share the topics that matter to you.

To begin, create your own profile page and add a cover photo, biography, details of your work and areas of interests. 

In addition to creating your own profile, we encourage you to invite colleagues to join. Help us grow a network of parks, protected, and conserved areas practitioners, partners, and researchers!

Communities of Practice (COP)

CPPCL Communities of Practice have group pages that help members from various jurisdictions and organizations connect on topics of mutual interest. Each group has a dedicated activity feed, document sharing opportunities, and a more focused group membership (private or public). 

Everyone is welcome to join a group at anytime, however, you must be registered and logged in to participate in groups. The creation of new topic groups is also welcome. 

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Discussion Forums

Dialogue is key to the programs and services that make up CPPCL. The platform offers forums so members can ask questions, share ideas, and create discussions on themes of mutual interest.
To start a conversation, select a forum and then create a new topic. You can also respond to a topic started by someone else. If you want to follow conversations or responses, simply subscribe to that topic or forum.
You must be registered and logged in to participate in forums.
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Resource Sharing

The community is better when it works together. The CPPCL platform supports the sharing and mobilization of knowledge through populating a database of research, articles and other resources and materials. Many of these tools are found on your dashboard when you are logged into your CPPCL account.

Share a Resource

Upload documents or provide link(s) to material that could help others in the parks and protected areas field. We will upload it to the resource database and related resource pages.

Please ensure content can be publicly shared before sharing.

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Mapping Resources

Post organizations, places, programs and resources related to a particular theme on the map database.

Maps are found on each resource page (listed under the Resources menu tab).