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While the world shut down for two years, parks and protected areas across Canada experienced exceptionally high levels of visitation. Millions of people seeking respite in nature often brought low levels of compliance and negative behaviour. Parks and protected areas leaders found themselves on the front lines of providing public services while also trying to maintain conservation goals and deal with the effect of the pandemic in their own lives.

The COVID-19 pandemic greatly altered parks and protected areas mandates and operations.  Various responses and guidelines have been made to overcome challenges and maintain sustainable operations. This page compiles pan-canadian responses and policies, as well as external resources that may enhance park leadership and management in response to Covid-19.  In addition, a Capstone Project developed throughout the CPPCL Leadership Development Program, has further defined parks and protected areas’ role in recovery.

CPPCL recognizes the need to learn from the pandemic: both in terms of how parks and protected areas agencies respond to shared external threats, as well as how to support the mental health and wellbeing of staff working on the front lines of global crises. We are pleased to be collaborating with academic colleagues at Mount Royal University to explore the response of Canada’s park agencies to COVID-19.

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