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NEW Innovation and Collaboration

Better. Together.

Innovation and Collaboration Forum

Connect with park-focused scholars, park practitioners, Indigenous researchers, and associated protected areas partners. Explore collaborative projects and research opportunities, generate dialogue and facilitate connections across Canada and beyond. Join a pan-Canadian conversation about innovative and effective approaches to park and protected areas management. 

Pan Canadian Park
Mentorship Program

Built on the work of CoalitionWILD and the IUCN Global Mentorship Program, as well as the significant desire for parks professionals to connect across jurisdiction and across Canada, the Canadian Parks Collective connects parks and protected areas professionals, academics, and practitioners as mentors, mentees, or co-mentors (peer-to-peer). This free, year-long program requires participants to commit to a pre- and post-mentorship webinar, a (minimum) monthly call with their mentor/mentee, and participation in an online forum on 

Beyond the Park

Parks for All defines the parks community as “those with an interest in the Canadian parks continuum. It is a self-defined concept. Everyone in the parks community shares the baseline goals of healthy Nature and healthy people, and believes that they can be achieved by working together.”

The Canadian Parks Collective is always excited to work with others and encourages the entire parks community to reach out to complementary communities to exchange ideas and discover new perspectives on the potential of parks and protected areas. 

Conservation 2020 – the collaborative work of the Indigenous Circle of Experts, National Steering Committee, and National Advisory Panel toward Canada’s Target One for Biodiversity.

“Federal, territorial, provincial and local governments, Indigenous Peoples, private landowners, communities, non-governmental organizations and the private sector all have a role to play in protecting Canada’s biodiversity.”

“The CC-IUCN exists to bring people, organizations and ideas together with the common goal of protecting biodiversity in Canada. By supporting Canadian biodiversity, we can ensure a brighter future for wildlife and the habitats in which they live.

The CC-IUCN works to connect members of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) on conservation policy in Canada. We also help to facilitate the involvement of our members in IUCN global activities, including participation in the World Conservation Congress.

We are a member-based organization with affordable annual fees and multiple benefits to our members. Join us in helping contribute to greater biodiversity in Canada.”

“The Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA) is a national organization dedicated to realizing the full potential of parks and recreation as a major contributor to community health and vibrancy. Membership includes the 13 provincial and territorial parks and recreation associations and their extensive networks of service providers in over 90% of Canadian communities.”

Communities of Practice

Park Leaders Alumni

Invitation only for past participants of the CPCIL Park Leaders Development Program or the previous CPC Park Systems Leadership Course

Climate Change Working Group

Open community to discuss and share approaches to ensuring the ecological integrity and resilience of parks and protected areas today and in the future.

Inclusion and Accessibility

Open community to sharing resources and connect with community partners with the goal of making Canada's parks and protected areas the most inclusive in the world.

Parks Research Network

Open community to explore the establishment of a PanCanadian Parks and Protected Areas Research Network

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