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Victoria MacPhail

Hi everyone! I’ll be the first to start this thread. My name is Victoria MacPhail, and as an Islander (Prince Edward Island) currently living in Ontario, I strongly connect to rivers, lakes and oceans. There’s just something about staring out over the water that touches the soul; add in a glorious sunset (and a good book!) and that’s just serenity for me. Although I also love the woods and meadows and wetlands…and prairies and sand dunes and alvars…and nature in general!

I’m a PhD Candidate at York University, although I live in Guelph, Ontario. I’ve had exposure to parks and protected areas through various positions and research projects over the years, plus through personal and volunteer experiences. I am also a Senior Doctoral Scholar with CPCIL, and it has been through this position I’ve had the opportunity to help organize this summit.

I’ve already learned more about the field by being able to read each of the individual proposals as they came in: we’re doing so many amazing things in this country! I hope to be able to match faces to names throughout the summit, and start making new connections. I’m really interested in seeing how the virtual beverage groups will work out – a chance for a small random group of us to get together virtually and chat.