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Munju M Ravindra

Hello all! Munju here. I live and work in the small coastal community of Purcell’s Cove, just outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia, in the traditional territory of the Mi’kmaq. I first worked for Parks Canada about 26 years ago, as a seasonal naturalist, and have been floating in and out of nature interpretation (and Parks Canada!) ever since. I have tended to work in roles at the intersection of conservation and visitor experience, probably due to my lifetime of straddling different worlds (mixed race New Canadian growing up in a fishing village), Many years ago now, I did a Masters on using the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve concept to facilitate community based conservation in coastal areas (my study area was the Scotian Shelf region of Nova Scotia), and then represented Parks Canada in the development and designation of UNESCO Biosphere Reserves in both the Thousand Islands and the inner Bay of Fundy. When I’m not working for Parks Canada, I consult nationally and internationally on the development of transformative experiences in and around protected areas, and my clients have ranged from local community organizations to the World Bank. I am currently one of three Senior National Advisors on Parks Canada’s Marine Conservation team, and my specific ‘baskets of responsibility’ are Ocean Literacy, Coastal Community Well-being, and Marine Tourism…