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Reply To: Plenary Four: Blurring the Boundaries – understanding, valuing the Ocean

Meaghen McCord

Q: In terms of blurring the boundaries, how could park organizations do a better job at bringing together marine and terrestrial systems — to demonstrate and support their interconnectedness and value to our wellbeing?

A: there are so many creative ways of doing this. A few examples could include:
1. having visitors focus on their breathing in an interp program. Have them breathe 10 times, then tell them that 5 of those breaths used oxygen provided by the ocean.
2. using a web of yarn or fishing line: assign people roles (fish, fisher, bird, person living in Toronto) and have them make a giant connected foodweb. Then you start to remove one role at a time and can physically see what happens to the integrity of the “system”. This can get people thinking more about connectedness.
3. simple Q&A sessions that just engage folks with interesting facts about how the ocean is connected to all we do. You can even do a source to sea program: e.g.,