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Reply To: Plenary Four: Blurring the Boundaries – understanding, valuing the Ocean

Gabrielle Beaulieu

Q: In terms of blurring the boundaries, how could park organizations do a better job at bringing together marine and terrestrial systems — to demonstrate and support their interconnectedness and value to our wellbeing?
I think this is a case of expanding our ‘practiced’ knowledge systems to look at the natural ambassadors for blurring these boundaries: the stories of American eel, Salmon sp., shorebirds and insects that consistently utilize habitats that already have blurred boundaries . Covid19 has really demonstrated the value of these spaces by beckoning people to spend time outside to clear their minds, de-stress and re-evaluate the importance of nature and the relationship we all want to have with it going forward.

Q: The oceans are relevant to everyone as they cover more than 70% of the planet and drive everyone’s climate through the major occillations. So even if you live in Ontario or Saskatchewam your life experience is determined by the health of the oceans. If you live closer the connection is easier to visualize since you are near it. This documentary, many others as well as supporting different forms of art to express the interconnectedness of land and sea are one way to continue the conversation and incite curiosity.