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Nature and culture are intrinsically linked. People cannot live without nature, and many natural places once considered uninhabited wilderness have actually been stewarded and impacted by humans for millennia. Heritage and historic sites are ideal settings to promote biocultural diversity and link social and ecological knowledges and experiences. Heritage and historic sites represent some of the best opportunities to reverse the separation of people from the planet and to update the narrative and mandate of parks and protected areas.

Heritage and historic sites are interwoven throughout Canada’s continuum of parks, protected, and conserved areas and they play a crucial role in conservation and connection. Alongside their role presenting and preserving culture, stories, and history, heritage sites also often offer opportunities to preserve biodiversity and take action toward Reconciliation, equity, and inclusion.

These sites also present unique wicked challenges in terms of energy efficiency and accessibility,  equitable and inclusive hiring, decolonization and re-storying history, and the significant challenges of climate change on aging infrastructure.

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