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"Forward thinking industry leaders are examining how their business models interact with nature and they are looking beyond the next quarter. This is an ideal moment for every company to examine their operations, see where nature interacts with their supply chains and fortify the foundation for sustainable development. This is a moment to invest in nature."

~ World Economic Forum

Sustainable finances—especially fundraising, corporate sponsorships, and philanthropy—can be a challenging topic for parks and protected areas leaders. With clear guidance and evidence-based strategy, not only can corporate and other donors help park agencies meet their mandates, parks and protected areas can help partners achieve their own Corporate Social Responsibility and giving goals. 

Organizations such as the Nature Conservancy of Canada and the BC Parks Foundation are leaders in generating and nurturing corporate partners. In addition, the 2020 IUCN World Conservation Congress and its Marseille Manifesto focused on engaging the financial and business sector in the global challenge of conserving biodiversity. 

CPPCL is interdisciplinary at our core and see incredible opportunities to collaborate with sectors often left out of the conservation and recreation space. This means helping park leaders effectively manage partnerships while also inviting scholarship from business, finance, tourism, and other more economically-minded disciplines.

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Contacts for donations or sponsorship within federal, provincial, or territorial parks and protected areas agencies.

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