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Leaf Ninjas is an installation company that focuses on ecological restoration. We are committed to a vegetation-first approach to long-lasting successful planning and installations. Do you have the drive, care, and quality to be an eco-ninja?

We are posting a position for 1 individual to be a co-supervisor to prepare and plan eco-site planting locations for 1,000,000 trees and shrubs to be installed this Spring. There is potential to extend this scope for an additional 30-40 days if you are qualified to co-supervise the installation and inventory.

The work will take place in an active mine site. Unless you live in Ft. McMurray you will be required to stay in camp. All camp expenses will be paid for.

The position required an experienced skillset with training. $40-$55/hr.

If you are interested in applying please submit a response in this google form.

Scope 1: Eco sites assessments, preparation for planting, and erosion control field execution:

Overview: Working side by side with the Revegetation Planer, the co-supervisor will help collect eco site data, help with all steps required to plan the execution for tree planting, erosion control, and/or seed collection. This involves the delineation of key boundaries such as eco sites, soil boundaries, and/or operational corridors using GPS, lath, and flagging tape. GPS data collected will be uploaded/downloaded as needed to create working maps.

Part of the work scope will include locating safe accesses for the work crews and deliveries. Interaction with other teams will be required to secure and escort heavy equipment, develop or maintain access, and/or to seek the authorization of access for certain areas. Other tasks may be assigned, such as female aspen/willow scouting for seed collection, bioengineering material inspection and inventories, and/or any other field/office task required to make the revegetation/reclamation a success.

Expected dates: April 25th to May 15th. To be confirmed based on frost and snow conditions.

Schedule: Daily schedule set at 8 hours per day (occasional 10 hours when needed). Field assessments are done most days with some data processing at the office. Work is set at 6 days per week with Sundays or rainy days off. Time off (~6 days) can be allocated as we transition from one scope to the other scope in order to be ready to tackle the tree planting program.


  • Working side by side with Revegetation Planer
  • Able to work independently and safely, in and out of the office
  • The co-supervisor will help collect data on eco sites on newly placed polygons
  • Walking on land where the soil is freshly placed to assess GPS and stake all polygons.
  • Assessments include looking for defects in placement and to identify the various eco sites to relay to the vegetation specialist. This requires walking on the soft ground approximately 8 to 12 km on several of the workdays.
  • Delineate key boundaries using lath and flagging tape (edges, eco sites, access, corridors, identify safe access),
  • Help identify potential access points, staging areas and work with other groups to secure and escort heavy equipment and/or request the right to access work areas. vii. Collect GPS data to be uploaded and (based on skills) will create maps using Arc GIS.
  • Support the coordination of seed collection program as needed (Trembling Aspen/Balsam Poplar/Willow spp).
  • Work will be approximately 60% field and 40% office component.
  • Attend pre-planting meetings to ensure alignment between owner and contractors

Deliverables (both scopes):

  1. Daily report on progression, interventions, and observation provided daily b. Final technical report with highlights, gaps, deviations, and key information relevant for the program. Word and Excel format (ideally with GIS database)
  2. A final tally of all seed lots for each area planted (data verified against tree planting contractor data). Provide Excel spreadsheet with seed lots and polygons (ready for regulatory submission.)
  3. GIS files or Excel point files with new polygons limits for any deviation from the original plan, defects discovered, research plots location or any sub-standards area
    Final reconciled quality assessment report. Excel sheets

Scope 2: Tree planting co-supervisor.

A qualified individual is more likely to be hired if they can perform Scope 1 and 2. The posting is primarily for scope 1. For the duration of the tree planting, Leaf Ninjas will be looking for a highly motivated, proactive and energetic person with the main task to support the spring revegetation program. The role requires understanding the planting scope, finding solutions, observe and reminding each and every one of the overall objectives. The person is expected to intervene promptly when actions are compromising the end results.

This includes, but is not limited to: stock handling, delays, species or stems assignment (patterns, colonies, clumping), planting quality or density, eco site creation, plant health, soil/site conditions or data tracking. The worker will lead by example by following all safety standards and will either intervene or report any unsafe practices observed.

The co-supervisor will spend most of the time out with the tree planters interacting with them to assess, bring awareness to all staff and intervene in order to ensure the success of the program.

The scope may be supplemented as required to support erosion control and seed collection and/or seeding.

The co-supervisor will work closely with contractors and perform Qa/Qc on data tracking. We want 100% accurate reporting on seed lot deliveries per polygon.

Daily interaction with vegetation specialists and contractors is expected. Deliverables: Daily progress reports, deviations, tally or concerns. Data will be assessed daily and reported back by the co-supervisor or the contractor as agreed.

A short technical report with recommendations and highlighting of the program is expected at the end of the contract. Provide a list of deviations from the plan, GPS files or coordinates of any boundary adjustment (GIS format would be ideal), spreadsheets with all seed lots planted by location with verified numbers, document if any notes substandard area were observed such as holes or improper prescriptions (may require staking in the field). Report precise information on the planting of any research plots.

Each reefer delivery will be tallied accurately per seed lots collaboratively with the planting contractor. It is expected that an accurate tally will be issued by the co-supervisor on the same day of the delivery or as soon as possible if the reefer is not completely offloaded.

Expected start and end date: (to be confirmed: Around May 15th with an end-around June 25th
Schedule: 10 hours a day (variable). The schedule is variable based on the Tree planter’s schedule and needs. Planters would work a 3:1 or 4:1 schedule.

Work location: Report to work at Mildred Lake site unless otherwise agreed.

Location: Mildred Lake, Aurora and MLX West site.

May have some crown land work for seed collection.


  • Have a good knowledge of tree planting operations (minimum 1 full season of experience)
  • Have good experience of tree planting quality assessments
  • Understand live trees/shrubs/cuttings handling principles. Able to detect diseases, grade seedlings’ quality, and implement best practices
  • Be able to represent Leaf Ninjas with our tree planting contractor, resolve conflicts, and communicate efficiently with all parties
  • Inspect caches to ensure trees/shrubs are maintained cool, under shade, well treated and kept moist. Observe if species delivered are for the appropriate eco sites
  • Understand the internal specific tree planting standards and quality assessment, be able to collect data from quality checkers, and be able to perform quality assessments. This includes: density, patterns, species distribution and quality
  • Ensure the tree planting contractor remain compliant with prescriptions, applies proper handling standards and best practices.
  • Assist in case of required deviations and report changes accordingly
  • Set up shrubs research plots, monitor their planting closely, set up markers, GPS locations and collect data.
  • Understand the basic leading principles to create key eco sites and have knowledge of the woody native species of the Boreal mixed wood region. Able to identify species by twig identification. Some guidance is provided in the Guideline for Reclamation to Forest Vegetation in the Athabasca Oil Sands Region
  • Understand the Alberta Forest Genetic Resource Management and Conservation Standards with a focus on the leading principles of seed zones, deployment variances and reporting requirement
  • Be trained, qualified and ready to work on a mine site independently (mine driving, drug and alcohol testing, Safety oriented, etc)
  • Be able to walk long distances on rough terrain each day (> 10km)
  • Be able to lift up to 50lbs repetitively while offloading or handling seedlings
  • Be able to work independently
  • Work in the field but also on a computer to review plans or generate reports



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