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Last Mountain Bird Observatory (LMBO) located at the Last Mountain Regional Park is the only monitoring station in the province and, in 1992, joined the Canadian Migration Monitoring Network. LMBO began in the fall of 1989 with a modest banding program, and since 1990 has undertaken intensive landbird migration monitoring. Information gathered provides us with insights into population trends, longevity and movements of birds. On average, 3400 birds of 76 species are banded annually, and since 1990 LMBO has banded 70,000 birds of 115 species. The total number of birds moving through the area is much higher since banding occurs in only a small section. The five most abundant species banded are: Yellow-rumped Warbler, Yellow Warbler, Clay-colored Sparrow, Alder Flycatcher, and Least Flycatcher. The majority of the migrating songbirds are neotropical migrants (birds breeding in northern latitudes of the Americas and wintering in the tropics).


Position(s): 2 internship positions (May or August-September) – $165.00 per day (this includes any applicable GST charges that are not reimbursable to Nature Saskatchewan), camping space is provided and food costs will be reimbursed.

Tasks and responsibilities: The individual will assist with migration monitoring and banding activities at our Last Mountain Bird Observatory (LMBO). Activities include daily bird censuses, checking and removing birds from mist nests, recording banding data, and providing interpretation to visitors. The Bander-in-charge (BIC) will provide on the job training; such training may include (but not be limited to) extracting birds from mist nets, bird handling, banding, in hand species identification and ageing/sexing. Other duties expected from intern include scribing data for the BIC, opening and closing mist nets, collecting bird observations and interacting with members of the public who visit the observatory.

Qualifications:  Must have an existing federal sub-permit or be able to acquire one. Moderate to good bird recognition skills. Applicants should hold a valid driver’s license and be willing to work flexible hours at times. First Aid/CPR certification is an asset.


We prefer to receive applications by email. Email a cover letter and resume, with preference of May, August-September, or both in one pdf. to Lacey Weekes at Include in the subject line “LMBO intern position” and your name.

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