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The Conservation through Reconciliation Partnership is working with its partners to create The CRP is aiming to launch the Solutions Bundle in June 2021. In the meantime, we have created a temporary research engine to house resources and help share information. Please visit The Solutions Bundle, an interactive website designed in Ethical Space to help build knowledge, capacity, and relationships in support of Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCAs) and Indigenous conservation leadership. The Solutions Bundle will combine the concepts of a western toolkit and an Indigenous medicine bundle and will serve as an example of Two-Eyed Seeing where Indigenous and non-Indigenous knowledge systems will be valued equally. to learn more. To contribute resources or share ideas for improving the search function, please contact

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CCIUCN Webinar on IPCAs & Indigenous Leadership in Conservation (Recording)

With an increased global interest in Indigenous-led conservation, the Canadian Parks Collective for Innovation and Leadership is excited to host this webinar as an overview of Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCAs) and Indigenous leadership in conservation in Canada.  The emphasis will be on the development of an Assembly of First Nations IPCA Working Group, the Conservation Through Reconciliation Partnership and progress in Pathway to Target 1 through its IPCA working group, and how these three initiatives–in concert with others–are collaborating in support of efforts such as meeting Canada’s international conservation targets.


 Curtis Scurr,Associate Director, Environment Sector, Assembly of First Nations, Co-Chair Pathway IPCA Working Group

Wesley Johnston,Federal Lead on IPCAs, Environment and Climate Change Canada, Co-Chair Pathway IPCA Working Group

Robin Roth,Associate Professor of Geography, Guelph University, and Co-Lead, Conservation Through Reconciliation Partnership