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Leadership Awards


The Canadian Parks Collective for Innovation and Leadership (CPCIL) may present an Organization or Individual Award of Excellence to recognize and encourage extraordinary empathy, innovation, leadership and/or advancement of inclusion and equity in park and protected areas programs by members of the CPCIL community of parks and protected areas leaders and researchers.


The CPCIL Leadership Award Program is designed to:

  1. Be accessible to all CPCIL program participants and led by CPCIL park leadership alumni, academic collaborators, and youth knowledge gatherers; 
  2. Be comprehensive and inclusive to enable recognition of all facets of park and protected areas system leadership and administration including such things as park and protected area establishment, planning, development, public engagement, collaboration, natural and cultural resource stewardship, interpretation, education, visitor experience, maintenance, operation and administration;
  3. Be prestigious; and
  4. Enable others to learn from and adopt leading-edge approaches to parks and protected areas leadership and encourage others to strive for excellence.

Selection Process:

Nominations will be reviewed by a selection committee that will include representation from CPCIL park leadership alumni, past or current youth knowledge gatherers or students, and CPCIL liaisons with collaborating universities. Awards will be presented at the same event as the Canadian Parks Council Awards.

CPCIL Leadership in Inclusion Award

This award was created in 2021 after discussions with CPCIL Youth Knowledge Gatherers who wanted to increase representation and promote proactive equity in parks and protected areas. This award recognizes an individual or organization whose actions have increased inclusion, equity, or diversity for a federal, provincial, territorial, municipal, private, or Indigenous park or protected areas program (or the entire parks and protected areas community) through innovation, persistence, empathy, and/or passion.

While equity, diversity, and inclusion are broad themes that pervade all areas of parks and protected areas leadership, examples of specific topics include:

  • lasting removal of barriers to employment and advancement for persons with disabilities;
  • empowerment of Black, Indigenous, Persons of Colour, LGBTQTS2+, women, or other underrepresented peoples;
  • youth leadership and engagement;
  • reconciliation and collaboration with Indigenous Peoples.

The emphasis is on Leadership in Inclusion within parks and protected areas organizations and in service of the mandate of the organization involved. An organization may be a Canadian Parks Council member agency, NGO, community organizations, academic institution, other governments (e.g. Indigenous or municipal) other federal, provincial and territorial government departments, businesses etc.).


  • The nominee should demonstrate outstanding leadership and initiative in a least one of the areas listed above or equivalent.

  • The achievement being recognized may be for cumulative impacts or work undertaken on a single project.

  • The actions taken by the nominee should benefit conservation of biodiversity and the re-connection of people with nature.

  • The organizational leadership demonstrated by the nominee shall be considered in assessing their contributions.

  • A candidate’s length of service or the proximity of their workplace or residence to the location of the award ceremony shall not unduly influence a decision to issue an award.

  • Due regard should be given to the capacity and resources of the organization or individual in assessing the significance of the achievement.

  • Nominations may be made for posthumous awards.

  • Individuals shall be entitled to receive only one CPCIL Leadership in Inclusion Award throughout their careers.

    In exceptional circumstances, the Awards Committee may approve the presentation of a “special award” to a previous recipient.

Nomination Form

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