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Leadership Development
Residency Program

Apply transformative leadership to a complex park leadership issues and co-create a supportive pan-Canadian leadership community across jurisdictions.

This seven-month transformative leadership program begins with a one-week eResidency (half-days, online) with guest presenters, breakout workshops, and service-learning panels mixed with nature breaks and opportunities to connect to local issues. Participants complete pre- and post-tasks, present cases from their organization, and develop a team capstone project aimed at advancing parks leadership. The program wraps up with a three day face-to-face Capstone Residency to share project work and apply skills to real-world cases. Each program focuses on core leadership themes with different sub-themes.

“Outstanding opportunity to learn, share, and strengthen interagency leadership in parks and protected areas.”
2018 Participant

Who is it for?

Ideal participants in the Leaders Development eResidency Program tend to be experienced leaders in decision-making roles in parks, protected and conserved areas. Diverse personal and professional perspectives enrich this transformative learning experience and are sincerely welcomed.

While each eResidency offers a specific sub-theme of parkanomics, climate change, connecting as nature, collaboration, and inclusion, overarching themes of Indigenous relations, conservation, connecting people to nature, systems thinking, and leadership are woven throughout the program and have relevance to all disciplines and work areas.

This program is delivered in English with one bilingual capstone team when possible. Tasks can be completed in your language of preference.

Program Timeline and Commitments

Three Weeks pre-Residency tasks (~ 2 hours per week): Participants will post an introduction on the online forum, record an informal short video (~2 minute) to share their landscape, and work one-on-one with the facilitator to develop a presentation for the eResidency on a current issue they face related to the CPPCL parks leadership knowledge framework or to the sub-theme of the year.

eResidency (~23 hours, virtual with local activities):
Participants must attend the eResidency, which runs part-time for one week between 11:15am and 3:45pm Eastern time. The eResidency comprises presentation (and workshopping) of participant issues, expert panels, breakout and team sessions, and independent tasks. Screen time is balanced by offline nature breaks and reflective tasks. We strongly recommend participants attend sessions from home or arrange acting coverage.

Five Monthly Workshops, Capstone Projects and Tasks (~2 hours per week, virtual with local tasks):
Participants will meet once per month with the entire team for a half-day online workshop and be placed in a cross-jurisdictional Capstone team that meets online weekly as a small group to develop a project that advances parks and protected areas leadership. Participants will also work with the facilitator to further develop the issue they presented at the eResidency through a series of independent, locally-based tasks.

Capstone Residency (20 hours over three days, face-to-face)
Public health restrictions allowing, participants will meet in person with the entire team for a three day workshop to present capstone team projects, experience local landscapes and case studies, and connect with colleagues. Accommodations, food, and filed trip costs are included in registration.  

Participants require internet and webcam access and must commit to avoiding distractions during sessions, participating fully in independent tasks, and should try to have reasonable access to a nearby outdoor space for activities. Program resource material will be shipped in advance. 

Registration Information

Registration is $3000 plus applicable taxes. Fee is inclusive of seven months of pre- and post-residency support, one-week eResidency, and Capstone Residency accommodations and food.
Twenty spots are available in each cohort, with final selection approved by the Canadian Parks Council (CPC). Priority is given to CPC agencies until July 1st, after which remaining places are offered to Indigenous, community, industry, academic, and non-profit organization collaborators.
Agencies are encouraged to provide a list of alternate participants to avoid a 50% cancellation fee after September 15th. Unreserved spaces will be offered to CPC collaborators.
Contact CPPCL or the Canadian Parks Council to inquire about about participating in this program.

Calendar of Programs and Themes

For programs prior to 2018 visit the Leadership Alumni Page

ProgramSub ThemeStart







Oct. 15

Nov. 11 to 17

Mount Royal UniversityRocky Mountains



Partnerships and Collaboration

Mar. 15

May 5 to 10

York UniversityGreat Lakes



Inclusion and Equity

Oct. 10

Nov. 12 to 17

Royal Roads UniversityWest Coast



Connecting as Nature

Sept. 8

Sept. 21 to Oct. 1



Winter 2021

Climate Change

Feb. 1

Feb. 22 to

Mar. 5


Mount Royal University





Oct. 1

Oct. 18 to 29 (half-days)

York University




Partnerships and Collaboration

Oct. 1

Program One-on-Ones

Oct. 1-10

eResidency (half days)

Oct. 17 to 21

eWorkshops (half day)

Nov 18

Dec 16

Jan 20

Feb 17

Face-to-Face Residency

Mar 7-9

York University

Great Lakes

Since the global pandemic began, CPPCL shifted to an online-only delivery model. We are pleased to resume blended online and face-to-face Leadership Development Programs Residencies when interprovincial travel restrictions are relaxed, provided public health directives can be met safely. Program registration fees have increased to $3000 in order to cover face-to-face accommodation, food, and field experiences.