Lesson Three: Clear Schedule and Prepare to Attend eResidency

This two-week eResidency is designed to allow for deep exploration of leadership themes and sub-themes. While workshop sessions are only scheduled for half-days and are broken up with outdoor nature-based tasks, the two-weeks can be intense. We recommend you try to lighten your workload and assign colleagues or staff to deal with emerging issues. During workshops, we recommend you disconnect from work to the greatest degree possible.

The rough schedule for the two-week eResidency is provided for scheduling purposes.

Download Schedule with Links

Lesson Three, Task Two: Prepare to attend eResidency

The eResidency sessions are online, held on the WebEx online learning platform. Links will be provided prior to the first session. To join, you will need a stable internet connection, microphone and webcam, and a quiet location.

For nature breaks, you will be encouraged to find a natural location that you can visit within 30 minutes within the COVID-19 guidelines in your area. Please be prepared with appropriate weather gear and mask.

WebEx Connection Information

MAIN MEETING ROOM (all days except Feb 26, Mar 2, and Mar 3)


Meeting number: 187 861 1560

Password: v2xJaWBmx52



Meeting number: 187 472 3879

Password: JvvGiU34xP2



Meeting number: 187 358 1450

Password: BBiEBPW3M45

Join by phone

Canada Toll (Edmonton)+1-780-851-3573

Canada Toll (Fredericton)+1-506-406-4641

Canada Toll (Halifax)+1-902-706-7113

Canada Toll (Hamilton)+1-365-204-2000

Canada Toll (London)+1-226-828-9662

Canada Toll (Montreal)+1-438-488-9118

Canada Toll (Ottawa)+1-613-714-9906

Canada Toll (Quebec)+1-581-319-7414

Canada Toll (Regina)+1-306-271-1492

Canada Toll (Saskatoon)+1-306-808-2023

Canada Toll (Toronto)+1-416-216-5643

Canada Toll (Vancouver)+1-604-449-3026

Canada Toll (Victoria)+1-250-900-4337

Canada Toll (Winnipeg)+1-204-515-1147

MAIN Meeting Telephone Access code: 187 861 1560

SERVICE LEARNING PANEL: Access code: 187 472 3879


Lesson Two: (Solo Task Five) Park Leadership Solo Presentation

Work with program facilitator to prepare a six-minute presentation that clearly expresses a challenge or opportunity related to park leadership in general — or to the sub-theme of climate change – in your organization from your point of view. Presentation should identify the situation, barriers and opportunities, and your role in addressing it.

You will deliver the Presentation on days two and three of the eResidency. You may present in English or French.

The format is based on the PechaKucha 20×20 style developed by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham of Klein Dytham architecture. PechaKucha talks are 20 slides that automatically play for 20 seconds each, for a total of 6 minutes and 40 seconds (400 seconds!). These constraints exist to focus on exposing people to an idea and generating a conversation, rather than providing all the details and context of a situation. Examples are provided below.

Presentation Checklist
Your Topic:
  • Identifies a clear, relevant situation? (“How might we…?” Things would be better if…”)
  • Includes specific barriers and/or opportunities?
  • Identifies your personal role in the situation?
Your voice:
  • Demonstrates why you are a credible person to speak to this issue
  • Offers evidence that supports your ideas
  • Connects with the audience emotionally
Your preparation:
  • You have watched some examples and reference videos
  • You have created an outline before you build your slide deck
  • Images are compressed to reduce file size (instructions below)
  • You have practiced the presentation
Please submit outline and slides by midnight, February 20th
Examples of PechaKuchas about delivering PechaKuchas:
Sumeet Madhukar Moghe
Marcus Weaver-Hightower

Examples of PechaKucha talks (English and French) are available on the PechKucha site

Task Two: Video Introduction

Help us let the group know who you are by posting a short video of yourself connecting to nature – in a natural setting. Videos can be recorded on a smartphone and recorded or uploaded l place. Videos can be recorded on a smartphone and recorded or uploaded 

Task One: Meet the Cohort

Use the forum below to let the group know who you are by posting a short video of yourself connecting to nature – in a natural place. Videos can be recorded on a smartphone and recorded or uploaded using the Record/Upload Media button (see attached file for screenshot) or the paperclip icon on a mobile device:

Potential responses could include:

– What is your education and work background?
– What you expect to get out of the Park Leaders Development program?
– How do you hope to be a park leader in the future?
– What is the most inspiring experience you’ve ever had in a park or protected area?

Lesson One: Welcome to the Park Leaders Development Program

Congratulations on being selected for the 2021 Canadian Parks Collective for Innovation and Leadership Park Leaders Development Program! In this program, you will apply transformative leadership to complex park leadership issues and co-create a supportive pan-Canadian leadership community across jurisdictions.

We appreciate that this program may feel like extra work in your already busy lives, especially during COVID-19. We encourage you to integrate the program as much as possible by linking tasks with your existing workload. For example, we encourage participants to choose presentation topics and solo leadership reflections that can help you explore or advance a current project. This can not only save time, it means your colleagues can benefit from your experience.

If at any time you feel overwhelmed with your involvement in the program, please contact the facilitator, Dr. Don Carruthers Den Hoed, at don.cdh@ubc.ca or 604-612-7557

This program runs from February 1st to August 31st with a half-day eResidency from February 22 to March 5th. The expected time commitment and tasks are:

Pre-Residency: Feb 1-22
self-directed online
Task 1: Complete CPCIL profile
Task 2: Meet one-on-one with facilitator
Task 3: Post introduction on cohort forum
Task 4: Submit video reflection
Task 5: Prepare solo leadership presentation
eResidency: Feb 22-Mar 5
synchronous half-days
with outdoor breaks
11:15am to 4pm EST
Task 1: Clear schedule for eResidency
Task 2: Present solo leadership presentation
Task 3: Provide peer feedback
Task 4: Choose focus of solo leadership reflection
Team Task 1: Define team project goal
Post-Residency: Mar 6-Aug 31
monthly cohort check-in
weekly capstone team check-in
Task 1: Meet one-on-one with facilitator
Task 2: Complete solo leadership reflection
Task 3: Post blog posting on solo leadership task
Team Task 2: Set up and attend weekly team check-ins
Team Task 3: Develop team capstone project
Team Task 4: Create Briefing Note and blog post summary
Team Task 5: Share capstone project at all-team meeting


There are two options for registration payment.

  1. Contact don.cdh@ubc.ca and provide a billing name, address, and email for invoicing.
  2. Pay by procurement (credit) card on the UBC online portal (link pending due to technical delay).

Navigating online

The CPCIL Park Leaders Development Program is supported by this online space, and is integrated within the CPCIL.ca website. You must move through each Lesson and the assigned Lesson Content listed at the bottom of each page first (and “mark each as complete”) before you move to the next Lesson. Do not select the button for “Next Lesson” until you have completed these topics.

Some lessons will not be available right away. If you have trouble with navigating the site, contact the program facilitator.

Getting Started

This first lesson consists of three topics, which will guide you through four tasks. To begin, click on one of the direct links in the list below.