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The goal of trail building is to create a long-term relationship between humans and nature.

~ American Trails Society

We often overlook the role park facilities play in making parks accessible to most members of the public. Washrooms, trails, signage, maps, warming huts, and even flattened spots to park an RV or put up a tent make it possible for people of all abilities to connect with nature. In busy parks and protected areas, these facilities also protect nature: hardened trails prevent erosion, campfire rings prevent forest fires, and many nature-based experiences rely on well-designed, built, and maintained infrastructure.


CPPCL is always excited to show the value of infrastructure and operations to the broader parks and protected areas system. Infrastructure and capital investment represent tremendous opportunities for parks and protected areas organizations to model sustainable practices, such as low carbon or energy efficient designs, universally inclusive facilities, and even biomimicry.


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Contacts for operations and infrastructure within federal, provincial, or territorial parks and protected areas agencies (where available).

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