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The Team

We at CPCIL are a diverse team of leaders, researchers and academics with a common passion for parks, protected areas and heritage sites. We are driven to foster a strong platform for communication, community and collaboration amongst park leaders and affiliated organizations and people across Canada. Together we aim to break barriers that exist in parks to create ethical and accessible parks for all. 

Senior Leaders

Don Carruthers Den Hoed

Bowen Island, BC : Nex̱wlélex̱m

Don is…



Kathie Adare

Hull, QC : Anishinaabemowin

Jorden Dye

Calgary, AB : Mohkínstsis

Youth Leaders

Briana Hamilton

Calgary, AB : Mohkínstsis

Briana graduated from Mount Royal University with a major in Ecotourism & Outdoor Leadership,  a minor in Sport & Recreation Management, and an extension certification in Event Management.  

A passion of her’s is coordinating events to connect people with nature for health and well-being. In addition to numerous yoga hikes, she held a bike-in movie screening to fundraise for a youth development biking program. She also planned a nature-based market to fundraise for seniors in assisted living to eliminate accessibility barriers by providing them with ways to connect with nature from the safety of their homes. In the future, she hopes to host outdoor knowledge and skill workshops for people new to outdoor spaces and activities.

With CPCIL, Briana hopes to contribute to the momentum of connecting people with nature to promote a diverse and inclusive space of outdoor leaders and explorers.  

When in nature, you’ll catch Briana guiding, hiking or biking in the Rockies with a backpack full of homemade dehydrated meals and snacks. 


Ebany Carratt

Calgary, AB : Mohkínstsis

Originally from Saskatchewan, Ebany currently lives in Calgary where she recently graduated from University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Arts in Law and Society. 

Since joining the team of Knowledge Gatherers with CPCIL, Ebany Carratt has delved into parks and protected areas topics relating to inclusion and accessibility, reconciliation, law, and the history of people of colour in parks. With a background in the social sciences, and prior involvement with various NGOs, Ebany is passionate about helping Park Leaders achieve better awareness on the intersectionality of inequality issues and the environment. She is also passionate about  influencing the implementation of better legislation/policies through the use of research guided by equity, diversity, and inclusivity. 

When in nature, you can find Ebany trying to look for something creepy or reading up on any possible historical facts about the place she’s visiting.   


Karly Upshall

Calgary, AB : Mohkínstsis

Karly graduated from Mount Royal University with a Bachelor of Health and Physical Education with a major in Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership, lovingly known as ETOL. In addition to working for Parks Canada, she has held multiple roles with CPCIL including being a Research Assistant, a Knowledge Gatherer, and now as a Special Projects Coordinator. She also currently works as an Outdoor Education Childcare Facilitator. 

She is passionate about sharing; about being a boundary spanner: someone who can help build a bridge between decision makers and the general public and how to engage and communicate with those who are outside of the Parks bubble. Parks has historically been heterogenous to a fault. She is empowered being part of an awe-inspiring team working to change that. 

When in nature, you’ll catch Karly hiking – trying to bag a peak – or floating on a lake on her giant watermelon inflatable. 


2021/2022 Knowledge Gatherers

Stanley Omotor

Vancouver, BC : Sḵwxwú7mesh

Stanley is currently pursuing a Master of Laws degree at the University of British Columbia. Prior to his masters’ program, he was a legal practitioner in Nigeria and was also involved in radio campaigns and sensitizations on various issues of human rights. 

Stanley was opportune to conduct sustainability research for the City of Vancouver as part of the City’s effort towards enabling a healthy, equitable, vibrant, resilient, diverse, and inclusive city. 

His work for the City of Vancouver enabled him to learn more about issues of EDI and sustainability facing land use and public spaces. He hopes to further participate in discussions on how proper financing, legal systems and partnerships can be used to resolve complex issues in parks and protected areas. 

When in nature, you’ll catch Stanley enjoying the sights and sounds, walking around, playing football, hiking, cycling or even just breathing… depending on the space.


Sky Jarvis

Kamloops, BC : Tk’emlúps

Sky recently graduated from the University of British Columbia with a BSc in Natural Resource Conservation-Science and Management. Participating in multiple field schools, Sky had the privilege of being a guest on the traditional lands of the Haida Nation to learn about sustainable forestry practices, as well as travel across BC to experientially learn about complex challenges within alpines, grasslands, and aquatic ecosystems.

Sky hopes to influence a brighter and greener future by advocating for sustainable resource management that benefits rural and indigenous communities, as well as the organisms with who we share this planet. 

When in nature, you’ll catch Sky with binoculars in hand logging biodiversity on iNat (…when she’s not skiing, hiking, or rock climbing that is).


Amalie Johnson

Calgary, AB : Mohkínstsis

Amalie attended Mount Royal University where she obtained her Bachelor of Health and Physical Education with a major in Ecotourism & Outdoor Leadership and a minor in Sport and Recreation Management. 

In addition to working with CPCIL, she is currently a Junior Environmental Specialist for an Environmental Consulting Firm, and coaches snowboarding in her free time. She also has previous work experience  as an Indigenous Tourism Consultant and as an Indigenous Storytelling Student with Parks Canada.

Her experiences have fostered a passion for supporting inclusion and equity within parks and protected areas and learning more about authenthic co-management.  

When in nature, you’ll catch Amalie snowboarding at Sunshine Village or walking through the back field of her parents acreage.  


Nathaniel Rose

Collingwood, ON : Anishnaabeg

Nathaniel has a been in the world of environmental activism and art for many years. He graduated from the University of Toronto with a Major in Acting in 2016, and now looks towards inspiring people and raising awareness on social and environmental issues through theatre and film. 

Towards this goal, Nathaniel co-founded Broadleaf Theatre and Spirit Tree Theatre: two Toronto-based theatre companies that look at tackling environmental issues through fun, comedic and profound ways. 

He recently volunteered as part of Ontario Nature’s Youth Circle for Mother Earth, a community where he gets to share perspectives and learn from Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth. As a mentor at Ontario Nature’s Youth Summit, he led Writing in Nature workshops and led youth aged 14-20 as they created a climate campaign challenge. 

When in nature, you’ll catch Nathaniel poking at streams with a walking stick, looking for tadpoles and minnows in the shallow waters of Georgian Bay. 


Brodie Schmidt

Placentia Bay, NL : Taqamkuk

Brodie is currently a master’s student at the University of Guelph, working with the Conservation of Change lab with the Coastal Routes network. She is also a member of the Conversation through Reconciliation Partnership with the Peoples, Plants and Policy (3P) Lab, and the Biocultural Conservation Knowledge Stream. 

Prior to starting her master’s, she completed her undergraduate degree in Environmental Governance, and worked as a coastal interpreter for Parks Canada, Oceanwise and BC Ferries around the Salish Sea.  With CPCIL, Brodie hopes to learn more about the practice of [re]conciliation within established protected areas. 

When in nature, you’ll catch Brodie roaming around a rocky Newfoundland beach with her dog looking for beach glass and watching their seal neighbours play.

Academic Collaborators

Connie Van der Byl

Calgary, AB : Mohkínstsis

Paul Wilkinson

Calgary, AB : Mohkínstsis

Zoe MacLeod

Calgary, AB : Mohkínstsis

Karly is…

Alice Hovorka

Calgary, AB : Mohkínstsis

André Blanchard

Calgary, AB : Mohkínstsis

Sylvie Desjardins

Calgary, AB : Mohkínstsis

Karly is…