& Services

Join the League of Leaders! Building on over fifteen years of parks systems leadership training, the Canadian Parks Council (CPC) and the Canadian Parks, Protected, and Conserved Areas Leadership Collective (CPPCL) are pleased to present a suite of engaging online programs and services to support effective and equitable leadership for the entire parks and protected areas community. 

Program & Service Framework

Transformational Leadership Through Transformative Learning

From capstone projects, communities of practice, information sharing and training inventories, to providing opportunities to connect with colleagues across regions and jurisdictions, CPPCL programs are designed through a lens of transformative change.

We are committed to facilitating:

  • Experience
  • Critical reflection
  • Dialogue
  • Holistic orientation
  • Authentic relationships

Our learning experiences are:

  • Nature based
  • Evidence based
  • Project Based
  • Team Based
  • Creative

And incorporate techniques of:

  • Blended delivery
  • Intergenerational exchange
  • Intercultural collaboration
  • Flexible engagement

Mezirow, J., & Taylor, E. W. (2009). Transformative learning in practice: Insights from community, workplace, and higher education. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. San Francisco.

Leadership Development Programs

Built on over ten years of parks systems leadership training, the CPPCL online and in-person collaborative programs hone core leadership skills by exploring specific issues facing parks and protected areas and applying them to real-world challenges with proven approaches and tools. We help you apply your leadership skills by exploring specific issues facing parks and protected areas and applying them to real-world challenges. We help you reconnect to the the natural world and your landscape through independent solo tasks while also building a collaborative pan-Canadian network of Parks and Protected Areas Leaders who can support each other—and their organizations—long after programs conclude.

Residency Program

~130 hours Cohort project Team learning 

This seven-month transformative leadership program begins with a one-week eResidency (half-days, online) with guest presenters, breakout workshops, and service-learning panels mixed with nature breaks and opportunities to connect to local issues. Participants complete pre- and post-tasks, present cases from their organization, and develop a team capstone project aimed at advancing parks leadership. The program wraps up with a three day face-to-face Capstone Residency to share project work and apply skills to real-world cases. Each program focuses on core leadership themes with different sub-themes.

Accelerator Program

~ 80 hours Individual project Team learning 

This focused, practical program begins with work defining a real issue facing each participants’  parks or protected areas organization, followed by learning skills and accessing experts and resources to support the development of a way forward. Participants engage in directed learning, active participation in online forums, and live guest workshops, all tailored to issues facing the group. Participants will collaborate with peers from other agencies and organized to exchange ideas. At the conclusion of the program, participants will present a proposal to a diverse panel of park leadership experts for feedback and to spark action.

Leadership Primers

Explore crucial topics affecting parks and protected areas in Canada through self-directed activities, case studies and readings/videos, and dialogue with other participants.

Leadership Primers are available at no cost and can be completed at your own pace (~12 hours to complete).

Youth Knowledge Gatherers Program

Each year, CPPCL hires a team of youth/students (aged 15-30) for fall and winter contracts. Throughout their term, Youth Knowledge Gatherers are partnered with participants of Leadership Development programs to not only engage and network with current park leaders, but to also provide new insights and learning opportunities for current park leaders.

Co-Mentorship Program

Parks professionals across jurisdictions and across Canada have been seeking opportunities to connect with peers across jurisdictions and disciplines.

This free program requires participants to commit to a pre-program webinar and a (minimum) monthly call with their co-mentor to discuss leadership topics.

CPPCL invites parks and protected areas professionals, academics, and practitioners to participate in this peer-to-peer co-mentorship program.

Leadership Awards

CPCCL may present an Organization or Individual Award of Excellence to recognize and encourage extraordinary empathy, innovation, leadership and/or advancement of inclusion and equity in park and protected areas programs by members of the CPPCL community of parks and protected areas leaders and researchers.

Research Network & Annual Research eSummit

Whether natural or social science, local or Indigenous knowledge, or integrated research, effective park leadership requires the best available evidence–and an understanding of how to use it. Parks Canada Agency and the Mount Royal University Institute for Environmental Sustainability–as well as affiliated academic institutions–aim to bridge the gap between researchers and practitioners in parks and protected areas by establishing a pan-Canadian reseach network. 

Research Network

The Canadian Parks Collective Parks and Protected Areas Research Network was created as a knowledge exchange and dissemination network, as part of an outcome of a collaborative knowledge mobilization research project and a pre-conference workshop at the 2019 Canadian Parks Conference. 

This platform is intended to facilitate interaction between individuals, organizations, and governments dedicated to the advancement of effective park management and related desired outcomes such as increased social equity, biodiversity conservation, multi-stakeholder governance, and healthy communities through access to diverse sources of knowledge.

Annual eSummit

The Parks and Protected Areas Research Network Research eSummit will bring together Knowers (scholars/knowledge keepers), Doers (practitioners), and Learners (students, new hires) to share knowledge and build a network across the parks and protected areas field. 

This event combines online collaboration with activities to connect with nature wherever you are, as well as opportunities to network with colleagues both near and far. The Research eSummit also includes a pre- and post-session regional challenge workshop in your own time zone and a year-long monthly webinar series. All sessions are offered with simultaneous French/English interpretation.