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Key Concepts

Effective parks and protected areas leadership requires access to the best available evidence and the wisdom to know how to use it. As interdisciplinary places, parks and protected areas should draw upon a range of natural or social sciences, Indigenous knowledge systems, local and professional observations, and integrated research.

Effective research supports the Canadian 2020 Biodiversity Goals and Targets, including:
Goal C. By 2020, Canadians have adequate and relevant information about biodiversity and ecosystem services to support conservation planning and decision-making.
Target 14: By 2020, the science base for biodiversity is enhanced and knowledge of biodiversity is better integrated and more accessible.
Target 15: By 2020, Aboriginal traditional knowledge is respected, promoted and, where made available by Aboriginal peoples, regularly, meaningfully and effectively informing biodiversity conservation and management decision-making.

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Contacts for research and permitting within federal, provincial, or territorial parks and protected areas agencies.

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CPPCL is grateful for a community of colleagues working in and helping build our understanding in this area of parks and protected areas leadership.

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Parks and Protected Areas Researchers

  • Alexander Wray, Western University, @wrayaj
  • Cathering Reining, Wilfrid Laurier University, @creining
  • CJ Blye, Dalhousie University, @cjblye
  • Elizabeth Halpenny, University of Alberta, @halpenny
  • Chris Lemieux, Wilfrid Laurier University, @ultravioletprof
  • Delano Lewis, Burman University, @dlewis
  • Victoria MacPhail, York University, @vmacphail

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