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CPCIL Webinar on Sustainable Tourism Destinations Involving Parks (Recording)

CPCIL Webinar on Sustainable Tourism Destinations Involving Parks (Recording)

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Parks inspire and build support for the environmental, social and cultural benefits of a destination. Parks can also anchor local economies through tourism. Collaboration is the key to developing sustainable solutions for visitor experiences, and this webinar will showcase examples where nature tourism is having a positive impact locally, regionally and nationally. Learn about nature tourism brandingin Finland and how an integrated sustainable tourism management approach is supporting the establishment of a robust national conservation economy, and about a regional sustainable tourism destination in Canada that involves parks and a step-by-step process for how to establish a sustainable parks tourism offer.


Matti Tapaninen Senior Advisor, National Parks Finland (Metsähallitus)

Élisabeth Lacoursière, Director of Outreach and Marketing, Parks Canada Agency

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