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COP15 and the Biodiversity Framework

COP15 and the Biodiversity Framework

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COP15 and the Biodiversity Framework

- Gilles Seutin, Parks Canada Agency


The Fifth Annual Marine Protected Areas Congress (IMPAC5) will be held in Vancouver from February 2 to February 9th, 2023. The intent of this session is to share highlights from the event along with key messages on outcomes. Parks Canada hopes to gather anecdotes and stories from a variety of participants both Canadian and International and share them with eSummit participants who were not able to attend IMPAC5 to give them a bit of a behind the scenes look at the event and what was presented in advance of any formal proceedings. We hope to use a variety of multimedia including video and audio clips, images and live presenter to share stories of their experiences and what they learned at IMPAC5 and want others to know.

Presentation Recording (EN)

French version below

Presentation Recording (FR)

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