Parks 3410 – Ecological Integrity

This course provides the basic knowledge to be able to understand why and how protected area organizations manage for ecological integrity. The modules cover ecosystem-based management, planning, design and reporting, tools, the built environment, human use of protected areas and outreach.

Target Audience: Anyone working in a protected area position from operations to policy, ranger to executive.

Open to External Participants

PRKS 3600 – Park Maintenance Management

This course provides an introduction to the requirements and process to establish an effective maintenance management program for a park facility. These elements include an inventory of the facilities, levels of service and facility standards, regular inspections and the recommendations for repair, replacement or scheduling of maintenance based on a system of facility safety and extended service life evaluation.

Target Audience: Park rangers (related to park operator role). Also used by Park Operators to train their staff and occasionally by municipal park agency staff

Open to External Participants