CCIUCN Webinar on IPCAs & Indigenous Leadership in Conservation (Recording)

With an increased global interest in Indigenous-led conservation, the Canadian Parks Collective for Innovation and Leadership is excited to host this webinar as an overview of Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCAs) and Indigenous leadership in conservation in Canada.  The emphasis will be on the development of an Assembly of First Nations IPCA Working Group, the Conservation Through Reconciliation Partnership and progress in Pathway to Target 1 through its IPCA working group, and how these three initiatives–in concert with others–are collaborating in support of efforts such as meeting Canada’s international conservation targets.


 Curtis Scurr,Associate Director, Environment Sector, Assembly of First Nations, Co-Chair Pathway IPCA Working Group

Wesley Johnston,Federal Lead on IPCAs, Environment and Climate Change Canada, Co-Chair Pathway IPCA Working Group

Robin Roth,Associate Professor of Geography, Guelph University, and Co-Lead, Conservation Through Reconciliation Partnership

CCIUCN Webinar on Synthetic Biology (Recording)

At the 2016 World Conservation Congress IUCN Members adopted a Resolution to: “develop an IUCN policy to guide the Director General, Commissions, and Members on biodiversity and nature conservation in relation to synthetic biology.” To meet this challenge IUCN assembled a Task Force on Synthetic Biology and Biodiversity Conservationcharged with developing a technical assessment and policy recommendations. This webinar will discuss the results of that process, focusing on the draft principles. 

The webinar aimed to help Canadian IUCN members make an informed decision on the Synthetic Biology principles that they will be voting on at the 2020 World Conservation Congress and was open to anyone with an interest in the topic. 

Presenter:       Dr. Risa Smith, Member, IUCN Synthetic Biology Task Force, World Commission on Protected Areas