CPCIL Webinar on the BC Parks Licence Plate Program (Recording)

BC Parks and the Canadian Parks Collective for Innovation webinar about the BC Parks Licence Plate program, from its inception to implementation.

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Below is a link from the BC Parks marketing team, showcasing the program.

BC Parks Panelists Included:

Wendy Magnes – Manager, Visitor Services

Position Responsibilities: Oversees the marketing and visitor services programs for BC Parks including the BC Parks Licence Plate program, website, social media channels, visitor information requests and the Discover Camping Reservation Service.

Role in the Licence Plate Program:Responsible for managing the marketing and coordination with ICBC (BC’s Crown Corporation that manages insurance).

Sydney Martin – Manager, Visitor Programs

Position Responsibilities: Leads the Park Operator management, recreation policy and permit programs for BC Parks (financial, revenue, contract, attendance and new recreation planning and analysis). Currently chairs the BC Parks Leadership Team (PLT) which sets strategic direction for BC Parks and oversees the business planning cycle.

Role in the Licence Plate Program:Was Manager responsible for the creation of the program, from inception to implementation (2016/2017). Primary role: managing communication between all parties involved, negotiating and drafting MOU with ICBC, and preparing Fee Issue Paper for Treasury Board with the Corporate Services Division. 

Sharilynn Wardrop – Ecologist, Terrestrial

Position Responsibilities: Provide policy, technical, strategic and practical support for implementing the conservation program in BC Parks. Specific projects right now focus on managing trees, heritage/fossils, data management, species inventory, conservation links to community engagement and marketing.

Role in the Licence Plate Program:Played a key role in planning and implementing on-the-ground delivery of the program. Member of the committee that manages the dispersal of funds raised through the licence plate program. Funding is allocated to projects relating to community engagement, indigenous relations, fuel management and conservation.

Ashley Sloat – Recreation Service Specialist

Position Responsibilities: Leads and manages the Park Operator contractual agreement frameworks, negotiations, strategies, amendments, policies and procedures with the purpose of enhancing recreation opportunities, facilities, visitor satisfaction and attendance in BC Parks. 

Role in the Licence Plate Program: Formally, the Senior Marketing Officer. Was the BC Parks team lead for the Licence Plate project, developed the marketing strategy, solicited images and designs, worked closely with legal counsel to develop image use agreements and third party image use agreements between BC Parks and ICBC.   

Kealy Pringle – Senior Marketing Officer

Position Responsibilities:Manages and executes marketing for BC Parks, including BC Parks’ Licence Plate Program. Directs contractors for images and video to showcase LP funded programs, which are showcased online and in print materials, including social media – Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Role in the Licence Plate Program: Manages the on-going marketing and relationship with ICBC. 

This panel shared their experiences, successes, and process to bring this innovative program to British Columbia, and fund programs within provincial parks.

Connecting Canadians to Nature

Our national, provincial and territorial parks play an important role in connecting Canadians to nature, pro- viding unparalleled natural classrooms and playgrounds for Canadians of all ages. As hosts to natural areas of exceptional beauty, and with a mandate and expertise to reach the public and set them on a path to discover and experience nature, Canadian park agencies are passionately committed to connecting all Canadians with nature. We see this as a fundamental priority and critical investment in both this generation and generations to come. Connecting Canadians with nature is an essential investment in Canada’s long-term prosperity.

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No one sector or level of government alone can ensure that Canadians benefit from contact with nature. We need collaboration across a wide range of interests — from educators to health care professionals to urban planners and beyond – to forge new bonds between Canadians and nature. Only in working together can we nurture healthy lifestyles, support strong, vibrant communities, and provide our children with the best future we possibly can.

Federal, provincial and territorial park agencies in Canada, working through the Canadian Parks Council, have prepared “Connecting Canadians with Nature — An Investment in the Well-Being of our Citizens”, a report synthesizing the growing evidence related to the benefits of connecting Canadians with nature.