Task Two: One-on-One with the Program Facilitator

Use this link or the calendar below to schedule a 30 minute one-on-one with the program facilitator. This meeting is an opportunity to discuss expectations for the 2021 Park Leaders Development Program. Please be prepared to brainstorm topics for your Park Leadership Solo Presentation by thinking of current projects or priorities you would like to explore that are related to park leadership or climate change.

NOTE: When you select a time you should receive a meeting invite. However some email services don’t properly process these invitations so we recommend you note the time you requested and manually add it in your calendar. As a backup, here is the link to the one-on-one call meeting room.

Tasks Three and Four: Post Introduction on Cohort Forum & Submit Video Reflection

Task Three: Post Introduction on Cohort Forum

Use the eResidency forum to let the group know who you are, and please respond to other participants.

Potential responses could include:

– What agency do you work with and what is your role?
– What is your education and work background?
– How does climate change relate to your education, work, and/or personal life?

Click on the forum link and create a new topic title that includes your name, enter a brief introduction, add any attachments (e.g. photos), and then submit. See screenshot:

Feel free to post a response to another participant.

Task Four: Submit Video Reflection

Record a short video of yourself reflecting on how your park leadership journey brought you to this place. Please record this video in a natural place so your colleagues can see difference parts of Canada.

Potential responses could include:

– Where are you, and what nature do you notice? What does it feel like there?
– What you expect to get out of the Park Leaders Development program?
– How do you hope to be a park leader in the future?
– What is the most inspiring experience you’ve ever had in a park or protected area?

Videos can be recorded on a smartphone and recorded or uploaded using the upload button at the bottom of this Lesson Component page. Please ensure video is less than 100Mb. If you have any issues contact the program facilitator at don.cdh@ubc.ca

Videos will be posted within this program site only.

Task One: Complete your CPCIL Profile

We want you to connect with other Park Leaders. Click on the “edit profile” button in your Learner Profile below to navigate to your individual Park Leader profile on CPCIL.ca.

Then complete any fields that remain empty to ensure your colleagues can connect with you: