An Integrated Approach to Social Capital

Delivering Greater Value by Using Social Capital When Partnering for Innovation

Adaptive Capacity:

Dynamic ability to learn and adapt in response to ongoing changes.

How Does Social Capital Work?

  • A stable network of relationships facilitates coordinated actions

  • Trust generates feelings of reciprocity; strengthens network cohesion; less need to monitor others

  • Reciprocity = long-term obligations between people

  • Norms and sanctions = confidence to invest in collective activities

  • Social capital “can promote emergence of shared goals related to sustainability” (Auer et al, 2020)

  • Strong social ties at community level facilitate governance of natural capital conservation and management

  • Loss of social capital can lead to loss of local institutions to protect natural environments

“New ideas spread more rapidly where there is high social capital” (Pretty & Smith, 2004)

Social Capital in Action in Parks Community

Pathway to Target 1 and Nature Fund:

  • Outreach across the country to create conditions for resilience. 
  • Cooperative management model/approach to governance: shared decision making; joint advisory mechanisms

Using ethical space to facilitate moving toward Reconciliation; developing relationships in context of biodiversity and conservation protection

  • “Ethical space”: Parallel systems of Indigenous and non-Indigenous knowledge systems, and engagement between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, recognizing that all human beings belong at the table.
  • Conservation through Reconciliation Partnership – CRP (May 2019) – 30+ partners

Parks Canada:

  • Franklin recovery: combined traditional knowledge and western science in protecting ecosystems
  • Visitor experience: work with Indigenous communities to create storytelling stages “for their voice to be heard” – Elizabeth Lacoursière, Parks Canada
  • Knowing our audiences better to identify impact

Collaborative learning and research in support of Indigenous-led conservation

CPCIL Innovation and Collaboration forum