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Tourism and visitor experience are longstanding elements of parks (and many protected and conserved areas). Not only can tourism support experiences that help people connect to nature and culture, the partners and revenue generated from tourism can support the mandate of any site or facility. 

Parks and protected areas offer a launchpad for sustainable tourism – not only within parks, but also as anchors of local economies and community prosperity.  Organizations such as the Outdoor Council of Canada support third-party operators offering outdoor recreation programs and services and there is a robust tourism research community supported by the Canadian Chapter of the Travel and Tourism Resource Association.


The tourism industry will take longer than most to recover after the global pandemic. This time is an opportunity to build back tourism as a more mindful, purposeful, and sustainable endeavour that complements the mandate of parks and protected areas.

Parks and protected areas agencies require tourism and travel operators to respond to calls for proposal (or submit proposals) and to obtain permits prior to operating their business. 

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Mapping the Work

Contacts for tourism travel trade within federal, provincial, or territorial parks and protected areas agencies.

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CPPCL is grateful for a community of colleagues working in and helping build our understanding in this area of parks and protected areas leadership.

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Parks and Protected Areas Researchers

  • Cathering Reining, Wilfrid Laurier University, @creining
  • CJ Blye, Dalhousie University, @cjblye
  • Elizabeth Halpenny, University of Alberta, @halpenny
  • Chris Lemieux, Wilfrid Laurier University, @ultravioletprof

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